Neuroscience meets EDucation through NED Learning with this
free ‘print it yourself’ challenge board that will excite and engage your
classroom. With 40 years of evidence based research behind it, the Challenge
Board uses a neural model designed to motivate students with critical thinking
and collaboration. Its gained so much popularity with teachers we have decided
to launch a Kickstarter so you can get your own pre built board, but in the
meantime with the following instructions you can build your own.

Here are the instructions to assemble your NED Challenge Board.

If you don’t have your NED Kit yet you can ‘Get your FREE NED Learning Kit‘ over at

You will need the following materials (that you probably have already in your classroom)

One board accommodates up to 4 to 7 students

  • NED Board PDF (included in the NED Kit, if you
    don’t have the KIT please sign up here to receive your free NED Kit)
  • Printer
  • Adhesive
  • Large Poster Board (minimum of 17” X 11”)
  • Playing Pieces
  • NED Notes & NED Scribe one for each student
  • Challenger & Resources (Please see the model
    documentation on how to build a Challenge and Resources)

Step by Step Instructions

  1. First print out the top and bottom of the board
    on two sheets of 8.5” X 11” printer paper.

  1. Then cut a 17” X 11” piece of poster board

  1. Using your preferred adhesive, apply to one half of the poster board

  1. Place the top piece of your printed 8.5” X 11” on the adhesive side of the poster board (for orientation see diagram)

  1. Apply adhesive on the other half of the board and place the remaining printed 8.5” X 11”

  1. Let the board dry.

  1. To get learning, please read the accompanying instructions that you can find in the downloadable NED Kit.
By following these instructions we accept no responsibility for any damages caused.